An intimate biennial: the opening weekend of Contour

Kyveli Mavrokordopoulou

For the 9th edition of the Contour Biennale, Coltan as Cotton, curator Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez established a radically different time frame to the biennial and aligned its duration, three weekends in 2019, to the lunar cycle. The first weekend is promising. 

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Sensing the State

Herbert Ploegman

Being: New Photography 2018

Weronika Trojanska

It is the survey of all photo surveys: New Photography at the MoMA. This year's selection includes the work of 16 artists showing how photography is trying to capture what it means to be a human.

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The Trouble with Value - Liquidating artworks

Nicole Sciarone

On what basis do we attribute monetary value to objects? What happens to artworks when they are merited only for their use value?

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Trade Markings at Van Abbe - Contextualizing trade and its present traces

Nicole Sciarone

Researching 600 years of trade routes. From Murriland to ASML.

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