A Task for Poetry #2
Loud & Bright, Purple Birds & Blue Eyed Bitches Dancing.

Issue no3
juni - juli 2021
Makers Of Their Own Time - Relational Activism

Erik Spinoy (poet-curator)
Tamara Van San (artist)
Remco van Bladel (graphic design)

What exactly is poetic in art, how can this be envisioned and experienced and how can one bring this out to the public?

With A Task for Poetry Onomatopee challenges three poets to unveil the poetic domain in the presentation of art by curating a solo exhibition, leading the PR and edit a publication.

With her first exhibitions, the young Belgian artist Tamara van San has become a genuine and startling revelation on the artistic scene in the Low Countries. Comments on her highly personal work often refer to its remarkable ‘poetic’ quality. In this edition of ‘A task for Poetry’, curator and poet Erik Spinoy will try to go beyond the clichés circulating around poetry and, using Tamara’s work as a starting point, attempt to formulate a stimulating answer to the question: ‘What is the Poetic?’

Opening with statement of poet-curator:
Friday May 1st, 20:00

Onomatopee Projectspace
Kanaalstraat 8
5611 CT Eindhoven

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