Diving with a coffin on your back - A conversation with Femke Herregraven and Defne Ayas 

Maarten Buser

How to organise a Biennale in times of a pandemic? Despite Covid-19, the 13th edition of the Gwangju Biennale has recently opened its doors. Participating artist Femke Herregraven and Biennale co-artistic director Defne Ayas (with Natasha Ginwala) speak with Maarten Buser about voices emerging from catastrophe.

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Thinking in public – A portrait of Shimmer

Nele Brökelmann

What makes Shimmer so special? Nele Brökelmann talks to its curators Eloise Sweetman en Jason Hendrik Hansma to find out more about the ever changing art space in Rotterdam.

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It's not your fault - how art academies perpetuate social unsafety

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​What makes the art academy an unsafe working environment? A number of teachers from art academies argue that the appointment procedures and terms of employment within art education maintain a culture of fear. If you really want to change the situation, you have to tackle the material conditions and hierarchical structures that underlie it.

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Absent scents – in conversation with Pitchaya Ngamcharoen and Sanne Vaassen

Marsha Bruinen

When people talk about smell they often emphasize its ability to trigger our memory. Specific smells take us back to our childhood, our grandparents’ home or the clothes of our exes. Olfactory artists Pitchaya Ngamcharoen and Sanne Vaassen both seem to go a step further by showing that memory of smell exceeds the mere personal. Smells trace back in time. They are part of our cultural memory, and as such, they (dis)orientate us.

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Op zoek naar de Robin Hoods van de crypto-kunst – een gesprek met Inte Gloerich

Lena van Tijen

Inte Gloerich probeert in het kader van haar PHD als onderzoeker voorbij de hype van crypto-kunst te kijken. Ze schrijft momenteel aan een proefschrift waarbinnen meerdere toekomstscenario’s van blockchain aan bod komen, waaronder ook het zo gehypete nieuwe digitale verzamelobject, de NFT.

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