Solidarity fundraiser in support of survivors and Engagement Arts NL.

Issue no5
Oct-Nov 2021

More than sixty international artists will participate on the 8th of March in a fundraising campaign called F-Razzor. With this fundraiser they want to raise awareness to current issues around the abuse of power, sexism and inequities in the Dutch art field. They want to financially support victims of sexual abuse with legal fees and psychological counseling expenses. On Monday, March 8, International Women's Day, an online web-shop will be launched featuring the work of artists, who attended the Rijksakademie in the period 2014-2017. All alumni are donating their work in support of the cause. The fundraiser runs until Monday, March 15th, 2021.

"The extensive NRC article published on 30th October 2020, has shown us there is work to be done. We want to address the failure of our field that has allowed this behavior to develop in plain sight. We thank the survivors for speaking out and we feel called to stand in solidarity with them. We want to contribute to a future where people care about each other, dare to speak out, and have the tools to act against abuse and violence. We are thrilled and overwhelmed that so many of our fellow artists embrace this initiative and so generously support this action.” stated a representative of F-Razzor.

The funds raised will provide immediate assistance to those who have taken a personal and financial risk by speaking out in the newspaper article. In addition, a portion of the funds raised will go to the participating artists themselves and towards supporting a newly founded initiative: Engagement Arts NL. A platform that addresses abuse of power in the Dutch creative sector. By purchasing an artwork or making a monetary donation, everyone can contribute towards supporting the victims and set further means of action for the future. This fundraising campaign is supported by Platform Beeldende Kunst, a national association representing the interests of artists and cultural workers.

The participating artists are: Shigeo Arikawa, Josefin Arnell, Mehraneh Atashi, Mercedes Azpilicueta, Marcel van den Berg, Catherine Biocca, Inez de Brauw, Tim Breukers, Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen, Felix Burger, Ruta Butkute, Gaëlle Choisne, Jude Crilly, Koen Doodeman, Jonathan van Doornum, Alex Farrar, Becket Flannery, Marije Gertenbach, Ceel Mogami De Haas, Margaret Haines, Tamar Harpaz, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Frederique Jonker, Takeshi Ikeda, Sonia Kacem, Sam Keogh, Joost Krijnen, Aimée Zito Lema, Arvo Leo, Mauricio Limón de Léon, Jenny Lindblom, Ana Maria Gómez López, Inge Meijer, Christine Moldrickx, Katja Novitskova, Funda Gül Öczan, Naimé Perrette, Josse Pyl, Janis Rafailidou, Evelina Rajca, Lisa Reitmeier, Noah Ryu, Floris Schönfeld, Catarina Silva, Eva Spierenburg, Joscha Steffens, Nora Turato, Adam Ulbert, Kubilay Mert Ural, Wouter Venema, Rutger de Vries, Smi Vukovic, Tchelet Weisstub, Riet Wijnen, Geo Wyeth, Müge Yilmaz, Marieke Zwart


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